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Sharing the magic of newspapers

By Kevin Wilson Staff writer Wait. So this guy’s a magician and he runs a small-town newspaper? This should be an interesting story. That was me, a few weeks ago at media conference in Texas. His name was Randy Keck, and he talked about one of his most frustrating days running a newspaper. With each […]

Gang affiliation has long-term impact

A recent study gives new meaning to “gang mentality.” Because, mentally, gang members — even short-timers — are more likely to become lifelong losers. The University of Washington followed 808 fifth-graders in 1985. The subjects were from 18 public schools in Seattle’s high-crime neighborhoods. After a 30-year study, some of the findings were obvious: Those […]

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You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet

By Curtis K. Shelburne CMI columnist “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood,” said Bill Watterson who drew the great Calvin and Hobbes comic strip for ten years. And he went on, “What mood is that? Last minute panic.” My kind of guy. Near as […]

Collection fits me to a T

By Clyde Davis CMI Columnist The circumstances of the details of a task matter greatly, in terms of how it is carried out. For example, I would agree, in theory, with my wife’s contention that I have too many T-shirts. This surplus seems to be a trait which I share with many other men between […]

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