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Volleyball roundup — Roswell sweeps Clovis

Staff report Clovis figured with a break from District 4-6A competition Thursday, it would experiment to see if it could find a combination that could turn around its four-match skid. So much for that. Just as it had twice before this season, Roswell swept past Clovis Thursday with a 25-10, 25-9, 25-12 victory. Clovis coach […]

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Prison staffing, officer pay must become priorities

When is the last time you put in a 72-hour workweek on any kind of job, much less a dangerous one? Probably never, if you are an average 40-hour-a-week worker. Unfortunately, due to difficulty in recruiting and retaining prison officers, New Mexico’s state-run prisons are seriously understaffed, and some officers are working those crushing workweeks. […]

McManigal: Out with the old, in with the new

When thinking of my favorite seasons, autumn is definitely in the top four. Just where it ranks depends on when you ask me. Some of the more heavily forested places in which I have lived offer more in the way of fall colors, but no matter where I am, I always feel a sense of […]

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Success should mean more than numbers

By Curtis Shelburne Religion columnist I wish we would consider being a bit slower to trust our culture’s methods of evaluating “success.” In our terminally shallow society, absolutely the only thing you have to possess in order to be considered “successful” is — this will not surprise you — a big pile of money. In […]

Nothing should hold us back on walk with God

By Judy Brandon Religion columnist Have you ever moved from one house to another? Over the years, our family has moved several times. Many families, especially in this area, move thousands of miles away. Whether it is on the other side of the world or the other side of town, the experiences are much the […]

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